Client: Personal
Category: Book Illustrations
Year: 2022

Graphic Design and Art Direction: Aleksandra Apaza
There was a little frog, r e-re, quack-quack, who loved  burgers re-re, quack-quack  and ate them with friends all the time re-re, quack-quack. She walks her dog out to re-re, quack-quack. On the way flys meet re-re, quack-quack, and with a sweet donut high five nailing a re-re, quack-quack. With the rabbit she bravely walked through the neighbourhood  re-re, quack-quack.  With a dinosaur  she flew to Texas on  rodeo. re-re, quack-quack.  Cacti in the desert meet re-re, quack-quack and admire them re-re, quack-quack because she has not seen such in her river. re -re, quack-quack, re-reeee.